DIY Classic Weight Mod

I just wanted to share with everyone a quick mod for adding weight to your Yoyo Jam Classic.  It’s a pretty easy mod.
Things you’ll need:
A scale
Surgical Tubing

First step is to take off the caps.  This can be accomplished by using the sharp side of the blade between the cap and the body and slowly work the cap off by rolling the yoyo with the blade between the cap and body.  I then remove the axle from the body half
Once the cap is off your next step is to determine how much weight you would like to add.  The classic starts out about 63 grams and i wanted to have it at 68g so each side needed 2.5 grams of weight added. In order to add the weight I cut Tygon R-3603 surgical tubing.  The sized of the tubing is OD 5/16, ID1/4, with a wall thickness of 1/16.  I then cut the tubing into 1.3 in sections with each one weighing 1.29g.  (I would recommend finding a scale that is as accurate as possible)
Next after i cut 4 sections i placed them in the small gap inside the classic body and then pressed the cap back on.  Sometimes rolling the cap back and forth while pressing will help the tubing fall into place. 
From what ive noticed with play this mod does not take the classic and make it better in every way.  The weight added seems to increased stability and I feel makes it a little quieter.  It also slows down the yoyo a little.  So if the classic is already too slow for you then I would not recommend it.
This is my first time writting up a mod so any questions and comments are welcome.