Post 'em all! :smiley:

sili recessed, satin finished ;D best thing EVER(plastic-wise)
unti you lose your axle and your heart breaks… :’(

I dont have >:( :frowning: but plan to get one :smiley: ;D

Pad Recess, schmoove, or general bearing maintenance.

this is pretty sweet.


Schmoove? And satin? That’s where you cut lines in it right?

Add weight rings or thumb grind rings, hubstack, paint, dye.

Schmooving is adding extra grooves into the inside of the yo-yo, which supposedly opens up suicides or something.

Satining is sanding the yo-yo to make the surface better for grinding.

First I would like to start off by saying, FHZ MODS ARE ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT EVER HAPPENED!!!

Whew, now that I got that out of my system, I would like to say that the overall best mod is one side pad recessed, and the other side without a pad. That is one of my favorite yoyos.

WHOA! that is insane…


Try to stack it? :


Add some weight? :


Improved Bearing? :


Thumb Grind Rings? :


Hope that Helps!!!  :slight_smile:

Opaque Freehand Zero by Duncan
Freehand Zero Hubstack Upgrade kit
Thumb Grind Weight Rings for the FHZ
Size A Dorothy Bearing by YYF
Total: $51.97

That wouldn’t be bad…

That would be a great yoyo!

Schmoove is to reduce inner friction from the side walls.
Origanally developed by Dr. Popular, as he dislikes KKs (WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM???).

oh!, i’m pretty sure chris makita mod this FHZ → FlipSpin | YoYo Wiki | Fandom

wehre can you get teh fhz hubstack kit? i cant find it anywhere yyg is sold out on it and has been fore a whiwl is there any even being made anymore??

I think YYG is the only site that sell them, sorry.