Modded Speed Maker

So i modded my speed make a while ago, I flat Rimmed/ CUTTED it so it grinds a little better. I also silicone recessed both side and might schmoove it soon. I took off the nubs on both sides because i felt they got in the way.its more undersized now and i can get longer sleeps. I hope to make a tut soon. PLease correct me if im wrong.


I dig it!

it looks like a prodject/dv888/awesome

What does the Scmoove mod do?

schooving is when you add more groves in the gap of the yoyo to reduce strong friction

and u can hubstack it ;D if ya want

:o That is so raw man! Good Job!

Don’t hubstack it.
(also nice mod.)

i’m going to be concieded a little. Considering how many mods i’ve done and how many of the best mods i’vs seen, you sir did a nice job. Keep it up.

Wow, that just made me look like a n00b at modding. Great work, you did a smooth job there, definetly on the reshape and taking off the nubs.

Why not?

because hub stacks suck.

String friction. That aside, if removing the hubs do nothing, why are they there?

since i play with caps off, that little hole helps me do Gyro Grinds. like on my thumb. Im okay at it but i cant transfer it. Im saving up to get a lathe or drill+vice clamps. Please no bad comments on this, I used a dremel to do this mod :O. Might stack it, really want to stack it. I dont want to buy a 888x because thats the only undersized stacked yoyo there is.

so cooool :o

This doesn’t deserve bad comments.
Do yourself a favor though and forget the drill and vice. Look on Craigslist in your area and find a used hobby lathe. Even harbor Freight has them cheap.

thanks Icthus. Appreciate it, i might go pro on modding like have a small service or something. Any tips? PM me if you dont want it public

The only tips I can give you is buy a lot of crap to practice on. Get the lathe if you can. Make sure you are very confident in what you do before you do it for money.
Also you won’t make much money doing this. More like just enough to keep doing it.

yes, true but, one of my fiends fathers runs and programs this machine that precision cuts metal. i was thinking to mod a yoyo and give it to him to make metal copies. i might sell it then… you know custom yoyos with an engraving of ur choice