just wondering if any one had any ideas how to mod a hitman and xconv , my wife just got me both for my b-day and i want to take this yo-yoing “hobbie” to another level, so if any one can be as kind as to give me any ideas on both ill be thank ful and im quite sorry for all the errors/grammer thats on this post. its 1:00 am i had a long day and work in 5 hours




You can satin it so it is good for grinding.
slilcone for longer spintimes and smoother play, also it becomes more unresponsive.
Paint it (if you want)
Change the bearing to a kk (konkave) I highly recommend doing this because 1. if you don’t lube it it will start to rust round the edges 2. MUCH longer spintimes

P.S you posted at 3am, not at 1am


thanks wilba :slight_smile: hey what about shims on the hit man and xcon do you guys recommend that ? and any-pads ?

p.s i live in montana so it would be 1 mountian :stuck_out_tongue:


silicone is better than pads :wink:


shims never really made a difference to me. You could try them though, there not to expencive.


What is it that you want them to do better? Example; If you want them to be more responsive, silicon or spacers would just make them “worse”.

Have Fun,


I’v got a axiom yoyo and saw a vid on you tube of a guy that put hubstacks on his axiom how do u do this. It looks so cool ??? ;D

(Connor) #8

What are MODDS? ???


A mod is just a modification to the yoyo. For example, making a pad response into a silicone response.

(Connor) #10

Oh, ok. Thanks.


forget buying shims, just make them out of an old credit card… phone card… gift card… you get the point


what are shims really for ?

(TechyThrower92) #13

Shims are used to widen the gap and make the yo-yo less responsive.


ooooooohhh. well my DM is pretty unresponsive so i thank ill be fine. later and remember keep it spinning.


its risky, but u could add hubstacks to it