Another mod..

Silicone recessed, Schmooved, Legacy ringed, and Grooved (For awesome grinds)(You can see in the second picture)

It’s smooth.


Nice mod!

Those grooves look terrible imo and there’s no way they are functional

But other then that nice mod, I’d like to see the quality of the schmoove and silicone

They work amazingly. I am cleaning them up right now, look messy but plays amazingly. The grooves are basically a test also, I was to put more on my better FHZ but just trying it out on my crappy one :D.

So, there is a way they are functional.

It looks incredibly wide.

It’s the same as a FHZ, maybe another 2mm because of the rings, it is the picture.

So i was wondering how you legacy ringed it, it looks awesome i wouldnt mind owning one of them so can you tell me how you ringerd it?

  1. Take off the caps.
  2. Sand down the ledge on which the cap fits in.
  3. Kill Legacy.
  4. Hot Glue the Rings on to the ledge
  5. Put it on a drill and sand the rings even with the rims.


Wait what Yo-yo was this? :open_mouth:

I think its a FHZ

Yep, FHZ.