Hi everyone i just ordered 2 FHZ’s one is clear the other is opaque black. Any way im going to silicone recess them and schmoove them but i need some tips on the schmoove if anyone dosn’t mind.

Im a first time modder any tips on anything will be helpful or ideas for mods.

P.S my dad is a mechanic so he’s got a lathe and a lot of different cutting tools and generally everything i might need so dont wrry bout that.

Thanks, Luke :slight_smile:

by the way im pretty experianced with lathe and i help my dad alot so im pretty good with my hands :wink:

for the scmoove rings its basically a shallow sili recess and maybe u could do reshape and a highwall

Please don’t double post. There is a button in the top right corner of each post you make that says “modify post.”

Also, this question has probably been asked several times before, but oh well. Schmoove rings are basically silicone recesses that are farther out from the center. However, especially since you’ll be using a lathe, regardless of how handy you think you are with things, have your dad help you. (Based on your typing, you seem to be 11 or 12 years old max)

Yer No offense but im 15 and ive built alot of stuff including 2 cars and a whole Toyota land cruiser which all are mine. im just sayin dont asume just becouse i cant be bothered typing every word properly that im young. i will say srry about the double post though.

shouldnt this post be in the modding section

it is

Isnt this like the third time you said that.

yer thanks jake could u please tell me how to do a good highwall and reshape.If there is a video around here on it could you link it to me plz.

Thanks, Luke

A highwall is just cutting from the center out making it very flat. I don’t suggest it on a FHZ. I’d just silicone it and schmoove it. You could flat rim it. That is self explanatory though.

The schmoove is like said before another ring cut half as deep as a silicone recess. You can cut two schmooves if you like. Just leave at least 1.5mm gap between the rings.

It will look something like this. Sorry for the bad pick. I took it a LOOOONG time ago.

the funny thing is im still waiting for them to come all the way from the USA

but ill post pics when i get them :smiley:

YESSSSSS they came and ive double silicone recessed and schmoved the clear FHZ. I am about to do the same with the black FHZ.

I must say after i did the mod and put a Gold Bearing By TAKA in it, it spun for ages and it plays like a dream. I love it soo much ;D and im definately gonna do more mods in the future.

I might try and post pics for u guys to see.