which yo-yo to get >.<

Okay so i can get a 15 dollar yoyo.
I dunno which ones to get. all of them great to me.
I’ve tried every single on of them and my friend
offered to help me mod if it i pick one of them(YES XD)
But i dunno which to get =.=

But i was think of a yoyo that has like the same size
or shape or a dm(not number 2) I find the hybrid response okay but
when i get better,its very hard to remove(from what i’ve heard)
So can you guys tell me your opinion on which is better?

(The mod i was for 2x o-ring:
flowable silicone and shims.
hybrid:shaving and silicone with shims)

it depends on what mod your going to do on them…
I would get lyn fury without mod or kickside with double sili

legacy= modded lyn

Uh dude the Legacy is a Plastic DM. And it feels way different than a DM anyway. It’s a wicked smooth plastic. Any who that is getting of topic. If I can put in my 2 cents worth. I love my lyn fury. I think the silicone settle better in it than in my journey. The kickside is awesome, but you would have 1/2 starburst response. Still I love the weight it has.

it still has dual silicone :wink: I don’t care about size, I use anything not ridiculous…

^^ Thanks guys

If you know how to bind (I am guessing you know since those mods make it unresponsive) the lyn is the best, since it has the widest gap and has dual oring.