yyj journey and lyn fury question

I am trying to decide which yoyo to get for my friend. He doesn’t have many prefrences because he’s just starting. He is perfecting his binds
I want a unresponsive yoyo with the least amount of modding(buying different responses,shaving orings)
He’s learning string tricks(he can only do rock the baby and a bind right now)
Which do you think would be better and why

new question:How responsive is the lyn fury stock.If you add shims will it help

yyj journey

Lyn fury because it can be easily modded and is a great overall player

well if it is between the two, i say lyn fury because it is a bit heavier and i find it has a nicer feel. if you are oper to suggestions, get him/her a KICKSIDE :slight_smile:

I think he should get the Journey and put flush silicone in both sides to make it responsive. There’s no need to have an unresponsive yoyo at this point. It’ll only make you (most likely) much less smooth in the long run.

How do you put flush silicone in a yoyo (I’m not very good at modding)

I wanted to get the journey because it is adjustable for both responsive and not.

Thanks for your advice

Just make sure to add the silicone (assuming flowable, not gasket maker) slowly until it’s nice and level, or close to it. Raised works well too.
If you’re using gasket maker, put plenty in there and then just cut the excess off after it all cures.

YYJ Journey, far and above over the LF. Of course that’s just my preference.
I think it plays better and is more stable.
They both have adjustable gap and dual o-ring response.

The LF does not need shims. They’re built in already.