What yoyo around 15 bucks?

Any other’s just tell me.

The YYJ plastics in that range are great.

Sadly, they mostly come with the Hybrid system.

I think I’ll get him a yyj kickside. I can silicone it right?

i would get a yyj lyn fury personally to me way better than kickside

Yes, you can silicone it. But jhb said that Journey would be hte best 15.30 you’ll ever spend. So…

So Lyn fury or journey?

I would say a kickside.

the lyn fury is celcon compared to polycarbonate on the journey either one is better for siliconing cuz its got dual oring response…

i say lyn

And I can personally vouch for that.
Get one.

Lyn Fury is a personal favorite because of the double o-rings. Once you get better, you can silicone them and you can clean the bearing to be unresponsive.

You can do that on a Journey too.

Lyn Fury.

I think journey, or if you want to learn 5A kickside

This is for a friend I am using a DV888 right now. It’s already unresponsive. So I guess I’ll get him a journey or lyn fury.

The Kickside has much thicker rims than the Lyn Fury, giving it more stability.

So basically everyone has a different favourite so what ever yo yo by tomorrow at 4 o’clock has the most votes on the poll I’m getting for him.

Vote for the Journey! ;D

So far journey is in 2nd and losing to kickside by 2 votes.

I like the kickside. Never thrown a lyn fury though. I can’t vote as I’m on my mobile.

i recomend speed maker with shims and silicone amzing throw also lyn fury with silicone and shims is good and for silicone i recomend slim size cbc pads fit right in the o ring groove