Lyn Fury vs. Journey

Hey guys!

I was wondering, do you guys like Lyn Furys, or Journeys? Which is better?


oh,i’m a user of lyn.
its great. can sleep for abt 45 sec for me(still can improve)

and also it can play very unresponsively after u change the o ring to silicone

i think the journey isto responsive and what do you mean “change o ring to silicone” ?

Guys, seriously, SPELL RIGHT!!! TAKE YOUR TIME!!! We don’t need people like yoyoingmonkey to spell wrong and try to answer posts he doesn’t even know about!!! He just said, whats silicone? GO AND FIND OUT!!! >:(

Relax man, its okay.

Silicone is a form of response that we replace the O-Rings with. Usually, you put the silicone in the recess, and after it cures it provides great unresponsiveness and tight binds.

Anyway, I like the Lyn Fury more for its size and shape.

Thank you, Samad. Look at his, perfect. No wonder why he is a Forum eXpert. :slight_smile:

And no, yoyoingmonkey, it is not. Your spelling is. But I made the post for a question, and you tried to answer, when you didn’t even know what Silicone was.

Being forum eXpert doesn’t have to do with grammar. Everyone should try to have good grammar. It’s about helping people.

I don’t see how not knowing what silicone is leads to him not being allowed to try to help you. You don’t need to know that to have an opinion on the matter, because believe or not, everyone has opinions.

My vote goes for the Lyn, as well.

I like the Lyn Fury way more, the Journey is just too light.

Dang! Thanks guys (and girls) for your opinions! 4-0.