how do you lube a bearing?

How do you lube a bearing?

take a drop of lube, and drip one drop on the side of the bearing. let it soak in for a minute and play.

which side of the bearing? the inside or the outside?

That is true, but if you want to lube it in a way that affects play much less dramatically, first deshield the bearing. Then, dip a needle into the lube, and touch the needle to two of the balls in the ball bearing. This will effectively lube your bearing.

De-shield the bearing. Now, squeeze the bottle just enough so you can see the drop of lube ALMOST coming out of the nozzle. Now, get your pin or needle and gently dip your needle or pin on the “almost out” drop of lube. Tip your needle down to make sure you see a needle head sized drop of lube on your pin. Apply onto one of the BALLS of your bearing. Spin a few times. Plug and Play.

what do you mean it will affect play less dramatically and where are the balls of the bearing? sorry i am kind of new.

what is “de-shielding?”

You see, when you look at your bearing, you can only see the outside of the bearing. If you take the shields off, you can see the ball under the shields. The balls are what makes the bearing spin.

Whatever you do to your bearing, cleaning or lubing, you should de-shield. I keep my bearings all de-shielded. The shields are for protecting dust or dirt from getting into your bearing but really, it doesn’t matter as long as you dont walk the dog on debris and dirt.

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I take the sheilds off and drop a drop or two of thin lube in them then add a new string and play it out.
It will take 1 to 3 hours of play to play it out. If you want it unresponsive don’t use thick lube only use thin.
I don’t use sheilds, they are more for keeping lube in then anything out. We don’t use sealed bearing in yoyos.