Velocity Bearing Help

I have moved on from my YYF Velocity, but I was trying to fix it up for some other people to use.
I got some thin lube from YoYo Jam but I wasn’t sure how to put it onto the bearing since it has those brass ends on it. I tried dripping some lube on there and rolling it around but that didn’t really help. Do I need to take those ends off?

those are spacers that normally stay in the yoyo. Here’s a tutorial to remove them.

As for lubing the bearing, there is shields on the bearings that need to be removed first. Here’s a tut to help with that as well.

These are videos that I found that have helped me in the past. I hope they work the same for ya too :wink:


Use a plier or something similar to pry the spacers apart from the bearing. Then take the bearing shields off. Then, you shouldn’t put a whole drop of lube on the balls. Just dip a pin or needle in the lube and there should be a tiny drop of lube on the needle. You should put 2 needle tip size lube drops on 2 of the balls. Now plug and play.

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thanks yall