spacers and lubing

ok so i have the protostar and decided tht is is time to thin lube it.
the center track bearing is attached to spacers and the yoyo half it self.
so should i remove the spacer+bearing from the yoyo half, then remove the spacer, then lube it?

There’s a sticky in this section on how to clean your yoyo bearing… I don’t have a protostar… but for most yoyos, you take some pliers, and gently ease the bearing out by grabbing the bearing and rocking it back and forth. I have no idea what to do about the spacers, but if all you want to do is to lube your bearing, you can just take off one of the shields and lube it with the bearing in the yoyo.

Use a knife (I use a pocket knife) to pry the spacer from the bearing. Put the knife between the spacer and bearing, pry on one side, then pry a little on the other.

You can also use a flat jeweller’s screw driver. But be careful the metal in the spacers is very soft, it can be scratched very easilly.

here try this i found it very useful

what i do is take a screwdriver and a small hammer to it