just a few quick questions. First off is it okay to lubricate a bearing while it is still attached to the yoyo( i have no way to remove the bearing from my dibase)? and hod do you remove the piece in front of the bearing in a protostar that looks like a spacer?

Generally its not a good idea to lubricate a bearing while ts still in the yoyo. You might be able to, but don’t get it in your response as it will absorb the lubricant and swell. You might want to wait for some more forum feedback to try this.

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Sometimes, I lube my bearing on the seat of the yoyo. Every time, it’s been perfectly fine. Just don’t get it in the response.

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You can take out the bearing from the yoyo using pliers. I wouldn’t recommend lubricating it while its in the yoyo. God Bless - Moefv

For the spacers:

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Not out of a Di Base.

It’s possible to take out the bearing of the Di-base.

I did it with mine, takes long though.

I meant you can’t get them out with pliers.

They did in this video.

anybody have experience with this, because right now it is not working. I am applying a decent amount of force with the push pin but all i am doing is damaging the spacer

Damaging the spacer is all right.  It’s supposed to happen.

I didn’t mean that kind of pliers :stuck_out_tongue:

okay i am damaging the spacer yet nothing is happening. i am pushing pretty much as hard as i can yet the spacer just slips back as soon as i remove the pin

Sorry I meant the YYF Bearing Removal Tool not pliers. I wasn’t thinking! God Bless - Moefv