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Hi guys, I’m trying to get my bearing out of my DiBase with a YYF Multi Tool. I watched a video that showed me how to do it, but when I try it won’t work! I insert the Multi Tool then wiggle back and forth but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

Just keep trying, try turning the tool clockwise as you wiggle.

This is so hard!

Just wiggle as hard as you can!!

Why do you want it out?

Work at it for a few hours. The Di Base has the tightest bearing seat I have ever seen.

I read all of your advice but I still can’t do it. I worked on it for three hours straight yesterday but haven’t even loosened it a tiny bit.

Mine took days…

When bearings are really tight in the seat you have to work at it a bit. Turning the tool helps as well as putting the yoyo flat on a table.

I would suggest using a longer lever arm. Grab, for example, a 1/4" drill bit, and put the smooth end in the center of the bearing. Cover the bit with something so you don’t tear up your hand. Then wiggle.

Of course, this requires the axle to be removed… so take care of that first if you can.


Put it in the freezer for a few hours

S if I put it in the freezer for about 2 hours, it won’t damage the yoyo? Oh and do I put the whole yoyo that’s screwed together in the freezer, or just the half with the bearing in it? Thanks!

Put the whole thing in.

Just put the half w/the bearing in it in the freezer.
Putting both halves in achieves nothing.

Nothing will happen to the yoyo.

I’m happy, yet unhappy at the same time. My dad got the bearing out by a vise grip, but to get it out, he shattered the beaing :’(. Poor bearing. But I’m happy I finally got it out ;D!

He shouldn’t have done that. Now you need a new bearing…

I think you should have listened too jhb8426’s information. He is very smart.

Kudos to him!

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I tried putting in the freezer, didn’t work. No offense to jhb, he gives very helpful advice. And I have a new bearing, the whole reason I was trying to get the bearing out was to replace it.

Ah, I see.

Mission accomplished!

Has the fine art of patience been lost?

The YYF Multi-tool is a nice bit of gear many of is should have because of all the things it can do. BUT, it does have a drawback, and it’s not because it’s mostly plastic. The bearing puller has limitations because it’s so small. If the bearing is really stuck, you lack leverage to get the bearing out. For the most part the YYF multi-tool gets the job done for me. Also, I advise AGAINST the 1/4" drill bits because they are designed to be strong UP AND DOWN, not laterally(side to side) and they could snap and you could cut yourself. The risk is there, but a 1/4" bit is pretty durable due to the amount of metal in it. It’s still not my weapon of choice for this application.

What you need is this:]

It’s longer and it gives you more leverage to help get stubborn bearings out, but you may also need to remove the axle as well. That can be an additional challenge, for which the YYF multi-tool also comes to the rescue with the little hex bit on it.

Above all, PATIENCE is required. I can’t stress this enough. I guess I’m lucky that I don’t need to swap the bearing out of my DiBase yet nor have I needed to take it apart, yet a friend has played it AND taken it apart(got a knot and he’s a better player than I am), but nobody has removed the bearing yet. I don’t find myself taking yoyos apart without a valid need to do so.

Also, that video that shows how to remove the bearing ALSO shows the correct tools to use as well. Did you notice the type of pliers used to remove the bearing as well as where the bearing was placed and how the tool was used? I bought a set of pliers similar to that specifically for pulling bearings just to have something handy. The funny thing was I left it at home at CalStates and a guy asked if I had pliers to yank a bearing out. I had him use my Leatherman, as it was the only thing I had, but he wasn’t interested in saving the bearing, only removing what was in there so it could be replaced.

Right tool for the right job, patience and being gentle yet firm. Yoyos can get quite expensive. Let’s take a bit of time and care to properly care for our toys and they should last us a very long time!

Oh no, mission unaccomplished… Sorry for asking so many questions and needing a lot of help. My center trac won’t fit, because I think part of the bearing is still stuck around the bearing seat. I’ll post pics if I find out how to.


You could just click additional options and click add picture.  It will go into your Pc and you can grab a pic from there.

Also you could do this:;topic=40580.0

Hope you fix your Di-base,

It’s a great yo-yo.


Oh, I took the pic on my iPad because I don’t know how to take pics with my computer. How do I?