Tight bearing seat.


I just got my new Di Base in yesterday and its awesome but the bearing is on there very tight and i can’t seem to be able to get it off. I’ve tried freezing it, pliers, and a 1/4 drillbit. I want to replace the bearing on it with my Yoyojam Speed Bearing. Any suggestions?


Search di base on YouTube and there is a video by c3 yoyo design about removing the bearing watch that it helped me


Wait why do you want to replace it?

The Speed bearing is almost the same thing that comes with the Di-Base.

Also, keep wiggling, literally, it took me a ton of time to get mine off.


The tightest bearing seat I’ve ever come across. I’ve limited experience, but still, it’s one mess of a tight fit. Personally though, I’d recommend an AIGR bearing. It’s what I run in mine, and I love it. Although the DiBase gets my love no matter what. Watching the video that the other forum member suggested definitly helps, but if you’re still a little worried about damaging the bearing I highly suggest getting a YYF Multitool. Getting that bearing out is absolutely no problem with that thing. I know it’s a hassle to order and wait, but while your at it you can upgrade to something a little better than the YYJ Speed bearing. Good luck! :]


See if this helps, although I’ve found the stock bearing to be really good. I can’t think what exactly I’d replace it with. Maybe a KK or a Terrapin X Wing Cut.


I guess I’m not going to replace it if they’re pretty much the same but I’m still going to need to get it off someday to replace it or clean it. Thanks for the vid. btw, I’ve read that the 1/4 inch drillbit is the same size as a bearing removal tool. Is this true? I was thinking about buying the tool but if the 1/4 inch drillbit is the same size…


For a “C” sized bearing 1/4 inch is the size to use, same as the YYF tool.


first get a yyf tool or pliers and wiggle it out till the bearing get out. also to get the full power of the dibase use these bearings konkave,twisted trefica,ten ball or cruical grooved.


The stock flat bearings that come with most C3 throws is more than ample. Whether or not you switch bearings is a matter of personal preference rather than any of them being objectively ‘better’ than any other.