Di base problems

so i bought my Di base quite a while ago, i have not used it alot because i wasn’t really impressed with it, but recently i had been using it more and i experienced several problems. firstly the bearing seat was so tight that when i switched the bearing out to a center-trac bearing, it started grinding the bearing seat away. as i had to unscrew the yo-yo a few times to remove knots, the grinding got worse and worse until the yo-yo went from dead smooth to having a visible vibe. then the bearing became extremely responsive and i had had enough so i went to remove the bearing and it wouldn’t come out easily at all. i finally managed to pry the bearing out with a removal tool and tried cleaning it but try as i might i couldn’t get it to spin true again. the yo-yo will not even take a new bearing on the seat now and i don’t want to risk ruining another bearing on the yo-yo. i posted here after i saw a few others with similar problems and i just want to know if anyone else is having this problem. i also wanted to know, is anyone else having this problem with other C3 yo-yos? i have i trident that doesn’t have any such issues and it’s one of my favorite yo-yos, and i was considering getting a yeah3, but not if this problem is going to arise again. so is C3 gonna be another write off? Or is this isolated to the di base?

No not Just DI base some yoyo’s come with really tight seats. Sounds like when the seat was breaking in some of the anno that was coming off went into the bearing. That probably caused the responsiveness. making sure it is tight when you get it screwed together to prevent vibe. Also try using some kind of tooth pick to take out knots so you dont have to keep unscrewing your yoyo.

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few di base have over tight problem . If you use a right tool , you can remove the bearing
Here is some suggestion for bearing remove tool

if you still have the problem , welcome to drop me an email

And one important thing is …  over tight problem is solve in all new release and in yoyoexpert now !