Unscrewable yoyo


I received two Di Bases in the mail today. When I took them out of the box, I was going to change the bearing in both of them and found that my red one didn’t unscrew(I got a bronze one and a red one). I was able to unscrew the Bronze one that I got without much problem. But the red one just doesn’t unscrew. I asked someone I know to unscrew it, but he wasn’t able to unscrew it. So my question is, How can I unscrew this yoyo?

Also, I tried to take the bearing out of my bronze one and I couldn’t do it with pliers or a bearing removal tool.

And Where can I find replacement response pads for this yoyo?


the Di Base and all c3 yoyo’s are designed to be performance yoyo’s and to do that they are balanced so they are screwed so tight it is near impossible to unscreew them and the bearing seat grips the bearing likewise i also have 2 Di Base’s and i wanted to have half and half so i unscrewed them what i did was every so often try to unscrew it and eventually i could, to change the bearing i used my bearing removal tool and spent like 3 hours trying to get it off before i finnally did.


Why change the bearing? I bet it will spin long enough for you to cook dinner.