Don't Forget Cleaning the Spacers too!

I found out recently that some times cleaning the bearing just doesn’t cut the mustard, and the real problem lies in the grime built up in the spacers! so if it’s a yoyo where the spacers are removable say a FHZ clean the spacers along with the bearing to remove the grime. if you can’t remove the spacers, just clean the whole yoyo halves in lighter fluid (just kidding don’t do it) but really, take a tooth pick and run it in the cracks and edges of the spacers to remove any gunk. You will really be suprised just what is built up under there!





I do this all the time

Makes sense. If you’re going to go through the efforts to take your yoyo apart, remove the spacers and de-shield the bearing, why not take an extra few minutes to clean the spacers too? I mean, worse case scenario is you waste a little time cleaning the spacers. Big deal, you can do that while the bearing is soaking. This gives you something to do.