Cleaning bearing with spacer attached?

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What would happen? Also could I use the freezer method to get out the spacer?


Basically the same as having shields on it. Yes you can use the freezer method, I recommend it. If you can’t get a gap between the bearing/spacer started you might be able to wedge string between them. Be careful apply too much force directly on any parts. Try to wiggle it (just a little bit). Sorry. Couldn’t help it.


If these are the yyf spacers often used in c-bearing plastics you should be able to use the blade of a knife as wedge. It’s actually kind of fun. Go around the bearing with the knife and slowly separate the spacer. Best of luck.

Cleaning with the spacers on would not be very effective. I would recommend separating the spacers and taking off the shields.

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Yeah it’s YYF

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Note only one is attached.


Use pliers t take it off a tiny bit then ut a string under it and pull

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Current situation is: still stuck


even with the knife? man thats one stuck spacer

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Would freezing it with a string in the middle of the spacer and bearing help?

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Would freezing it all night hurt it?


You freeze it for 10 minutes.

Heres why:

Thats long enough for the spacer to shrink and not the bearing. 12 hours while do nothing

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Still stuck. How would cleaning with it on go?


Poorly at best. Chances are it may make things worse.

Use a push pin and pry off the spacers.

Like on this video:

(It’s a lot harder than they show in the video now, YYF may have made the problem worse)

If you’re not going to do it right, don’t waste time doing it at all. Buy a new bearing and spacers and clean the new bearing, add the spacers, drop back in.

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^ will try this method.


Take a very thin blade and pry between the bearing and spacer.

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I got it out. Thanks guys!