Lubing a bearing?

When you lube a bearing, do you have to remove it from the yoyo? Also, how do you remove metric bearings from ILYY yoyos?

For metal seats that you can’t pull the bearing out from with your fingers, use pliers, wiggle, be gentle. It’s better to remove the bearing before applying lube so that the excess doesn’t end up getting everywhere like the string and the response area. It can make things get nasty and responsive in a hurry. If the shields are removed, you can wet the tip of a needle with lube and apply it to the balls and inner races that way, or if the shields are intact you can just add a drop right on top of them and it will soak in. Either way, afterwards you’ll want to manually spin the bearing a bit to ensure good coverage, then pat the surface dry with something absorbent. Put it back in the yo-yo and play on, but be aware that response will be much higher and you’ll have to break it in with hard sleepers and probably some gyro flops.

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i dont know why Mr. Larkins is feeding you a line, but THE BEST way to lube a bearing is with lots and lots of thick lube and you should definitely leave it in the yoyo

What planet are you from, or are you just being a smart @ss?

That advice is totally WRONG

Check here for info on cleaning and lubing…

Useful modification and maintenance guides - Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

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Some people have no respect. Geez

yea I wouldn’t use pliers to take it out either man find out what the inner diameter of the bearing is (it should be the same size as the seat where the bearing slides over) and get the same size drill bit and use the back side of the bit to pry it out from the inner diameter not the outer diameter. the reason being if you pull too hard on the outer part of one of those bearings it can ruin it pretty much for good unless you can work magic on bearings. I found that out the hard way now I have one bearing that is completely locked it wont spin at all

For removing I would recommend the YYF multi-tool… it is about $5 USD and you don’t have as much risk of damaging the bearing/spacer compared to pliers.
As for lubing the bearing, I like to use 10wt shock-oil (you can find it at hobby shops that sell high end/expensive Radio control cars…) To use it just put a small drop on the middle “ring” of the bearing.

Hope this helps.

Multi-tool isn’t Metric.

You can probably find metric drill bits. Can’t remember the exact size of the inner race of the metric bearing, but I"m sure that info is online. Then get a drill bit that fits and use the “gently wiggle back and forth and all around” approach.

The inner race of the ILYY metric bearing is 6mm - it is a 6x13x5mm bearing.

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