Shutter Problems

I have this problem with my new YYF Shutter. It is responsive :P.

Is there any other way of making that change without having to clean the bearing? If not, then will you list me a couple of different ways to clean my bearing? (Make sure you tell me which one you prefer)

Thanks in advance.

You could try to use rubbing alcohol on a q-tip to clean the bearing seat first, if that does not work, you will have to clean it with the instructions here.,871.0.html

Personally, I use mineral spirits(acetone works as well) and then use compressed air to blow it after it dries, then I lube it. I keep all my bearings deshielded after cleaning so that future cleaning will be easier, but that is entirely up to you.

Odd. Must be a bad bearing. Maybe not.

First, we have to ask: Did you lube it? If so, what did you use and how much? Just be as accurate as possible.

Second, has this yoyo been responsive the whole time? If yes, then you need to clean or replace the bearing. If not, look into the gap after you throw a sleeper and ensure you haven’t accidentally double looped the string or accidentally dropped a green triangle into the gap. If either of those two conditions exist, get that out of there!

So, assuming we have to clean the bearing, I prefer agitating and then soaking in acetone. It’s what I have found provides me the best results.

1: Remove the bearing from the yoyo. This might take some effort but I’ve found the Shutter so far hasn’t required heroic efforts to remove.
2: Remove the shields from the bearing.
3: Drop into a small glass container with more than enough acetone to cover the bearing.
4: Shake hard for a minute. Let soak for 5 to 15 minutes. Unless the bearing is full of grease(and you’ll see it come out), long soaks aren’t necessary. If you are seeing lots of contaminants floating around, immediately remove the bearing and get fresh acetone and repeat the agitation cycle until that is clear.
5: Remove bearing from acetone and place on paper towel. Let drain for 30 seconds, flip, let other side drain for 30 seconds.
6: Put bearing on chopstick(wood or bamboo) and then spin, spin! If you have compressed air, use this to blow out the bearing as well to dislodge solid contaminants.

You may also need to use the paper slip method. If you do, use mineral spirits because acetone evaporates too quickly.

How is it spinning now? My reference standard is 20+ seconds. If you’re getting more than 7 seconds, the odds are you’re good.

Now your choice is to lube, Dry Play(if you have it), or run dry. If you choose to use Dry Play, you need acetone anyways. If you choose to lube, dip a pin or needle in the lube(deep!), and the resulting “bead” at the end of the pin that forms from the lube should be touched to a ball or two in the bearing. Spin the bearing to work in the lube. Repeat no more than 1 time.

Now, another choice: Reshield the bearing if you choose to do so. I prefer to put the shields back in, but you don’t need to if you don’t want to. Re-assemble the yoyo and let’s see how it plays.


Isn’t every spec bearing a bad bearing ? ^^^

I’ve had no problems with SPECS, what’s wrong with them?

I’ve had a few good ones. Most haven’t been too great though.

That’s been my experience.

Don’t be so lazy.
Cleaning the bearing is trivial.
It’s really the solution you need.

No, I have never lubed it.

No, again. When I got it, it was completely normal. Then, after about 30 minutes to an hour, it became responsive.

I have put on a Center Trac and started to use that. It plays fine so that proves that it is something wrong with the SPEC bearing and not the yoyo itself. :slight_smile:

Now, I must ask how to remove a bearing shield? Exactly what is a bearing shield?

It spins fine, it just comes back if you tug on it. I feel no difference unless I am doing a Laceration, GT, etc.

This is a good video on teaching how to remove the bearing shields. It covers the rest of the cleaning process as well. Make sure you remove the C-Clip gently as they will sometimes fly when you pry them up.

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This is, by far, the most helpful post somebody has given to me ever.

Just sounds like you might need to clean the bearing. It could still be the bearing, but you have to rule out the bearing needing cleaning first.