Shutter is responsive

Wasn’t sure if I should put this in the Mod and Maintenance or here so feel free to move it if this is in the wrong spot.

My Shutter is responsive. I throw a sleeper or a breakaway, and if I tug the string it comes right back up to my hand. It has busted my knuckles several times, and hit my hand as well. What do you think is going on? Should I clean the bearing? At first I thought it was the response breaking in but I’ve been playing my Shutter a lot since I got it 3 or 4 days ago. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Clean the bearing

Yeah, clean the bearing or switch the bearing.

Ok, will do. Thanks! :slight_smile:

No wait, most bearings ship dry, a small drop of lube should fix it.

Otherwise clean it.

My Center Tracs ship dry, and YYE bearings…

The lube will just slow the bearing down. He probably has something in it. Clean the bearing.

I cleaned the bearing. It seems to have helped some. Now the string just spins around the bearing, and rarely catches enough to snap back to my hand without a bind return.

Depending on wether or not its dry, or gunked.

Is it loud? Or scratchy?

now that I cleaned it, it’s neither.

So, you cleaned it and its just plain responsive? Try a different bearing you know is unresponsive, and if its responsive there is something wrong with the yoyo. Maybe the pads are hanging out some?

We need to make a thread that is called “ANYONE WITH BEARING PROBLEMS” and then inside it will say,
Step 1: Clean The Bearing
Step 2: Realize that’s all you need to do
Step 3: Smile and Throw On :slight_smile:

Seriously…I might do it.

Not all bearing problems need a cleaning, not a responsiveness comes from a bearing…

(Make that thread now!!!)

clean the bearing

She already did.

Like everybody else: clean the bearing, replace the bearing, or lube the bearing.

No need to replace a brand new bearing.

Lubing and cleaning can fix it everyone if done right. I have never bought a new bearing. Just cleaned them.