shutter semi-responsive

My shutter has become semi responsive. I lubed the bearing but it still happens. when I tug it up, the string starts winding into the yoyo. If I tug really high it will bind which is a nuisence during horizontal, grinds and finger spins.

Lube will make it more responsive, not less, so that’s probably what happened. You just need to clean your bearing.


break your yoyo in first or just clean the bearing(cleaning a bearing will reduce the life of the bearing by quite alot)

Cleaning bearings is fine. It’s running them dry that can reduce the life of the bearing. Even though most people run their bearings dry, including myself and don’t have any issues.

Use the video below to clean your bearing and literally add a pin drop size of thin lube into the bearing…and when I say pin size…I literally mean pin size. Use a safety pin to apply the lube. It’ll be enough to coat the bearing properly.

I’m really beginning to think that yoyo sites selling lube is part of some grand conspiracy to get uninformed people to go through an endless cycle of buying lube and new bearings because they can’t associate the fact that their bearing has become responsive with the fact that they just lubed it so it must be broken.

I know that lube makes your yoyo responsive so I played it for a couple of hours and it still does it. I most likely added too much but it does not usually do this. I think that it might be a scratch by the bearing seat. It is like the area where chuck from caribou lodge said to sand the yeti. You know the part right outside the seat. Well I tried getting it on camera and I think that it could be the source of my problem.

The yeti wasn’t causing responsiveness it was causing string cutting which is not the problem here. Clean your bearing and you should be fine

Even with a pin, I’ve over-lubed bearings before. When this has happened, I’ve thought, “I’ll just play it longer and it’ll eventually break in.” And most times… I just run out of patience, re-clean the bearing and re-lube it with even less. :wink:

Moral of the story: it doesn’t take much, and “breaking in” requires too much patience for me sometimes. If it’s not done in 15-30 minutes of play that includes a significant number of Gyro flops, it’s re-clean time!

For me it’s a few throws then I take it apart and blast it with some compressed air lol

Forgot about this one since I don’t always have air handy. But I’ve done it and it works like a charm!

it’s really handy lol

Yeah clean it and if you don’t want to go that just do gyroscopic flop alot and that will wear the lube off and smooth out the bearing

Yeah ie done that too

You lubed it? Theres your problem you added lune which makes it more responsive not less if you want it unresponsive clean the bearing.