Shutter responsive out of box!


Does it just need wearing in? Or lube? Or what?


Lube adds response. Always. If your shutter is responsive out of the box, make sure the pads are seated correctly, and that you’re not screwing it so tight that the bearing is being crushed.


Definitely clean the bearing if you haven’t yet, and like the previous comment said, lubrication increases responsiveness (even thin lube). After you clean the bearing only add a very small drop of lube.


How should I clean it? Lighter fluid or what


Lighter fluid, acetone and mineral spirits all work fine for cleaning bearings.


Let it sit in lighter fluid or mineral spirits for about 10 minutes. If you have a jar with a good lid then you can gently shake it and reduce the time. Make sure the bearing is dry of the fluid before puttin it back in. Also the yoyo may still play slightly responsive for a while until any lube is “worked out”. Some people say this only takes about 15 minutes of play time but for me it takes probably 45 for some reason.

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Most likely just a bad SPEC bearing though. Even if the cleaning works I’d recommend upgrading to a nicer bearing.


I have a nice center track


yeah i bought that red yye shutter with the center trac and it seized up after 2 weeks of play. i had to deshield and clean it to even use my yoyo. i bought that version specifically for the bearing too… lesson learned.


So should I just upgrade to a nice konkave or will cleaning it do good enough, cause if I can is rather avoid having to buy a new bearing


if I can id rather


Heya Boosh, do you have any other Yoyo with a C size bearing? If you do, change take the bearing out of your Shutter and put the C size bearing from another Yoyo.

If it was/is the bearing, then the change will give you a better idea; if the Yoyo plays less responsive with the other bearing.

If you swap out bearings and the Shutter is just as responsive; then it just might be that your response pads are a little grabby. And then you will just have to wear them in for a few hours. The more advanced players can burn in pads more quickly. That is simply because they can fold many more string segments into the gap,than lesser ability players.

Also you could try a different string. String can sometimes make a Yoyo slip more on binds or grab more while doing tricks.

Just make sure you only make 1 change at a time; so you can identify what is causing the problem.

…also, please realize that a super clean bearing can be a little responsive. Because when a bearing is completely ‘clean’ the bearing parts are eating each other alive. I Never use lighter fluid for just that reason. Lighter fluid literally goes into the pores of the metal and very effectively removes all lube. One of the guys already suggested adding a small amount of lube(unless you enjoy the sound of Metal eating Metal alive, haha.

I find a Pharmacy that has Isopropyl alcohol. Look for at least 91 percent or higher. Get a small plastic bottle(that doesn’t leak) and fill it about half full with alcohol. Put in the bearing and just let it soak for about 15 minutes. Then shake the bottle for a few minutes. Remove the bearing with a chopstick or a little fork or whatever… Dry the bearing with either: canned air or a hair dryer.

The bearing will be clean without totally removing 100 percent of the original lube. If the bearing sounds like it is eating itself, put a very small amount of something like One Drop VM-4 lube.

Personally, I have several Shutters. None of them came out of the box unresponsive. Lucky me, I guess.

Anyway, start at the top and work your way down.


Cool. I think its one of those things - my bearing is fine cause I still get excellent sleep time and smoothness. Probably the response pads. Thanks guys!!