Which bearing?

I’m excited about getting a clyw campfire and I read that the bearing it comes with could be better. Should I change it and if yes with what?

No need. No bearing is totally better, and this bearing plays fine.

if you want to you can trade it out with a 10 ball, or a terrapin bearing. both great.
but I’ve personally never gotten a yoyo that’s bearing wasn’t adequate. the most I’ve had to do was clean it if was too responsive.

I don’t think that you really need to change the bearing right away, but it won’t hurt anyone just to try other bearings.

A 10 ball have great reputation among yoyoers. So as the center track.

I recently acquire a 10ball KK bearing, and they are nice.

Just go for it if you like.

I go with ceramic konkaves

konkave 10 ball? where?

how about stainless steel?

steel is fine, but really kks are overrated. you should by all means try one out to see how you like it, but there’s hardly any difference, other than it makes suicides way harder. I got one when I was starting out, thinking it would make my throws sleep longer, and that it would just be amazing, but it didn’t do much. It’s your throw way more than it’s your bearing.
the only bearing I’ve noticed a difference in (and it wasn’t a big difference) was with a one drop 10 ball. haven’t personally used a terrapin bearing, but they’re supposed to be amazing.

ten ball bearings are my favorite i get them for all my throws

Parts is parts. But it’s your nickel.

Try what it’s got before you make a decision. You may love it.

Bearings come in many variations, as does yoyo’s, string and players.

If you have never tried a replacement and you have some spare coin, you should pick one and try it.

Personally I love the KK’s and Centretrack’s.

But not everyone does.