best yoyo bearing

whats the best unresponsive yoyo bearing?

From what I've used, I always liked 10 ball center tracks and regular flat bearings. Koncave's and gold plated bearings are nice as well. From what I've heard, seen, and played with; NSK bearings are supposed to be good. I however, do not own one or played with one long enough to have any opinion or comparison on the matter. 

I’ve recently talked with professional yo-yoer, Yoshi Mikamoto, and he says that it is an amazing bearing; best he’s ever used. I tried it for the first time, and I fell in love :o Yoyorecreation also made partnered up with NSK; to collaborate on a joined bearing; the DSB NSK bearing.(kind of a mouthful ;))

I prefer string centering bearings, based on that my recommendations are as follows:

Gold CTX: Best I’ve played, but pricey
CTX: Best all around value, not the longest spin times (not that you need any more spin than this haha)
CT: perfectly fine, but for a dollar more why not CTX?
YYR DSS: Love this bearing! But I’d save a few bucks and go CTX
(I can’t wait to try the NSK DSS bearing!)
KK: fine as well, but pricey
Crucial Grooved: Really good, a bit loud
BOSS RAGE: Inexpensive, soooo smooth, very quiet, but this bearing is the first grooved bearing that made me realize what ‘snag’ is all about. I’ve been mastering the trick “Grandma Kimmit Sandwich”, and the part right after the double or nothing mount where you throw the yoyo over both hands snags the response every time due to this bearing. This made me realize why bearings like CTX and DSS are so convenient in that they have flat sections between the centering edges (lets string slide around a bit)
Need to try me a Terrapin!

I’m a big fan of Terrapin ceramic bearings. I haven’t encountered snag, as the centering groove is fairly shallow. They spin long and straight, are fairly quiet, and seem to be consistent and maintain good performance. (Another ceramic centering bearing I tried, not so much… I bought 4 of them, and every single one suddenly got gritty and loud after somewhere between a few minutes and a couple hours of play.)

NSK followed by gold CT.

Looking forward to trying that new one that NSK is making for YYR.

100% agreed, both of these stand out as the best I’ve ever come across. I also look forward to trying one of the new NSK DSS ones. :slight_smile:

From what I’ve experienced, yoyos have their own match with bearings
For example my musket make a lil vibe with ctb, it plays better with kk bearing, it plays the best with DS bearing
At my leviathan:
-ctb: play at its best, very smooth
-ds and kk bearin: hairy vibe detected
At my berserker ss:
-kk bearing- very smooth, the best match
-ds bearing: so vibey and noisy
Ctb: havent try it yet

Like all things yoyo its gonna be opinion based

I personally like CTX and Trifecta bearings but nearly everyone is different so your gona get a lot of different suggestions thrown at you.

things I would cconsider when getting a bearing

  1. Get something you can afford

  2. Get something you think you’ll like most of the time you’ll like it when you get it if not you know not to buy it again.

3.And for me I would get something cheap but if yo got the money go for the higher end gold bearings or ceramics the sky is the limit. But for me I’m perfectly happy with my $12 Trifecta.

Anthony’s right, too-- the bearing should indeed match the yoyo. If you’re ever “tuning” a yoyo, you should swap in a variety of bearings (even different bearings from the same brand) because there’s just “something” about the differences (couldn’t even say what) that can induce vibe or smooth it out.

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Yea that does make cents because different shaped bearaings have their own “Weight distributions” so to speak which can deffinatly effect the yoyo

Uranium CTXX bearings are pretty good.

No the Titanium ones are better

a bearing made of graphene

Superconducting no-contact levitation bearings are the bomb. Takes some getting used to throwing a yo-yo full of liquid nitrogen, though.

I prefer the Bering sea…it’s nice and salty and full of fish


Terrapin wind cut are my favorite at the moment.