Help Please

I have been yoyoin for a couple of days now. I used to play somewhat regular before but didn’t have the right yoyo. Anyways I am can do the brain scrambler, trapeze, and man on the trapeze and his brother but I have a problem with the yoyo tilting and throwing off my trick. Is is it the way I am throwing my sleeper, my stance or what? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Is the yoyo tilting when you throw or when it’s mounted on the string?

If it’s tilting from the start it is your throw and you just need to keep practicing. It’ll come.

If it’s tilting when on the string the tilting is most likely caused by the string rubbing the side of the yoyo. You can adjust for this by moving your TH to keep the string straight. Experiment, you can cause the yoyo to tilt from one side to the other by moving your hand TH back and forth. When you get that figured out you can adjust for tilt on the fly.

One remedy is to just throw a sleeper and watch for tilt. On the next throw twist your wrist slightly in the opposite direction and see if the tilt persists. Adjust your wrist as needed.

This is the video that I used back when I had trouble with the yoyo tilting. It should help a lot. Be careful, though. Using this method touches the string against the yoyo and slows it down, so you can’t do it forever. Good luck!