Is my yoyo string making my yoyo tilt?

Okay so I’ve had my new yoyo for a week and a half to 2 weeks. Maybe a bit longer I haven’t really been paying attention. Anyway the last couple days all my yoyo wants to do is tilt as soon as I throw it down. Could my string be too worn out? I’m really not sure what’s causing it :confused:

It’s actually your throw. Practice is all that can really help with this. Try throwing as straight as you can. I promise it will eventually become muscle memory.

What yoyo do you have?

I have a T8 shadow yoyo from MYY it’s thrown great since I got it out of the box. Maybe like previously mentioned I just need to work on my throw. I likes to tilt when I do a break away.

Yes I would practice your throw. Make sure that when you hold the yoyo in your hand ready to throw the string goes into the gap on the top side on the bearing not the bottom, so it looks like the string is on top not on bottom. This makes sure the yoyo can smoothly roll off of your hand.