NEED HELP with yoyo to work

Ok so my equilateral has been playing well since the past month or two but all the suddenwhen i lubed with thin oil it would come up, i couldnt bind it, i couldnteven wind it or throw it . it just loosely falls down lightly spinning.Do i have to thick lube it or something.I just dont want to hurt my throw.

hmmm this is a strange problem

the only thing I can think of now is to try swapping out the bearing with a different one and see if that helps

Check the pads… if they are farther apart/missing that would happen. If its not that then you have a problem I have never heard of.

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Yep, if it just falls off the string you more than likely have a response/pad problem. Did you by any chance get sloppy with the lube and get oil on the pads? Try wiping them off good. Change the string. It’s a response issue, more than likely nothing to do with the bearing.

i think i hgot might of got sloppy with the oil thats what i thought but i changed the pads changed the string , but im going to try to wipe them just in case

guys nothing is working wiping the yoyo,switching bearings,switching response pads its all not working

Hmmm Well the only other thing you could try is checking the axel to make sure its not striped

I dont think the axel would be the problem but its the only thing that you haven’t tried yet