One drop 10 ball bearing


I have a one drop 10 ball in my dv888 and it’s loud like as loud as the normal bearing .just bought it a bit ago and I was wandering if I got a defect or if I wrecked it somehow… I just finished siliconing my yoyo so I could have got some of that in it but I cleaned it with mineral spirits let it dry then a needle drip of lube. This is the first 10 ball I have ever had so I’m not sure how it should sound but it seems it would be quieter than it is… Some times it will make this really loud squeaking noise for a little then it will quit. I have cleaned bearings and made them work great so thats not the problem. And I have used flowable silicone on one other yoyo and it worked great. Maybe I need to paper slip clean it… Could someone tell me how???


Did you break it in?
Also the dv888 is a pretty loud throw


I had it broken in at one point… it made those squeaking noises through break in but i thought it would go away after i had threw it long enough for it to be totally broken in but it didn’t so i thought it must have some grit in it so i cleaned it again… and it is in the process of being broken in again… :-\ oh how i hate partially responsive yoyos either full response or no response


A minimally lubed, cleaned bearing will normally be a bit noisy.


No but it’s louder or as loud than a yoyo factory stock bearing…


How do you paper slip clean a bearing? searched google but I couldn’t find anything about it…


Paper cleaning method for bearings

Also look here for a bunch of other useful stuff…

List of useful modification and maintenance guides


OK so i just got done cleaning it again then i broke it in now it works like a charm :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Great news.
Carry on…