Problems with the dv888?

Has anyone else had the dv888? If it had problems, was one of them where the bearing would stop and come bak up to you? Because I’m kinda scared, because I payed alot of money for this thing, and just got it 2 days ago and I have just today ran into this problem. What should I do?

Well, it does sound like a bearing problem. While they are uncommon it does happen to some people and I’m telling you now you have absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to worry about. Some people freak the heck out and they don’t need to. I know it seems like it’s a big deal and everything but trust me, it’s not at all… I had the same thing happen to me, many times, once with a Dv888. Just relax, you’re going to be okay. If all else fails you just buy a new bearing, put it in there and you’re all good again. But we should try and properly diagnose the issue with the bearing first. Can you describe it more?

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The performance of a Yo-Yo bearing can be effected by a number of things, string lint, dust and dirt can get inside, the are susceptible from damage from impact and sometimes they just fail. First thing to do is to see if it responds to general maintenance. There are many good video tutorials available (google 'clean yo-yo bearing), we also recommend adding a thin lubricate after cleaning (a tiny dot of 3 in 1 is fine).

If you have no luck with this please email with your postal address and we can send a replacement bearing. In the future you can also get bearings from most major yoyo retailers.

This happened to me once (with a DV888) then I took it out and cleaned it and it was good if not better than new.

Okay, so basically what happens was is that I was doing a wrist mount about to do a spirit bomb, and I hear it go silent. The dv888 makes a little noise so when I heard it go silent I was hesetant, but at the same time relieved of the noise… Until it affected how long it was spinning. The string at the bottom was shaking, and the bearing made the yoyo slow down drastically, and basically turned into a responsive yoyo. Trust me, it isn’t caught in the spacer or anything to make it stop spinning, I checked. So that’s where the problem lies.

That was completely unnecessary… but everything else ben said was right… clean the bearing and put it back in. If its still bad, the bearing is bad, which means you need a new one.

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This was exactly what happened to me just clean and oil the bearing and you will be fine.

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When it goes silent that means it isn’t spinning, it happens a lot. Just unscrew it and look around the seat of the bearing and look for hair dirt string ect. Most likely you will need to pull it out with Pliers.

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Have you solved your problem? Unscrew the yoyo, get pliers and squeeze the bearing pull it out, pop out the C Clips, drop it in a GLASS cup of solvent, (acetone lighter fluid mineral spirits gum spirits) swish it around, pour the excess out in the yard or sink, spin the bearing on a pen line with lube or run dry put back in throw, AND KEEP ON TROLLING HARD!

Your problem doesn’t sound like a DV888 problem, but rather a bearing problem (as everyone else has said). If I were you, I’d clean the bearing you’ve got in the DV888 and buy a back-up bearing and some bearing lubricant. One Drop, YoYoFactory, and YoYoJam all sell very good bearing lubricants and buying a bottle will save you an awful lot of headaches later on!

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He won’t need a “backup bearing.”

You will need lube tho.


Backup bearings aren’t a bad idea. Mine occurred naturally when I got other aftermarket bearings to test out, though.

If you have a backup bearing, you’ll be all carefree and TROLL EXTRA-HARD, though… not sure I want to encourage that.

When I bearings go silent I found it’s usually jammed up with dirt or a hair so it won’t spin

How did you learn spirit bomb before learning how to maintain a bearing? Just asking…not being smart.

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