I got my new dv888 and after a few weeks of play I want to switch the bearing for unresponsive play so I took out the bearing and put the new one in and lubed the bearing and screwed it together and put the string on and threw it and it made a loud grinding noise and want to know how to fix this.

Also I do notice that the old bearing was hard to get out the new one sits it the yo yo fine but falls out if you turn it upside down.

does the yoyo perform fine? Some bearing are loud and work fine anyhow.

no the yo yo does not spin as long and starts to wobble

The reduced spin is probably due to too much lube. Lube does not help a yoyo spin more. The cause of the wobble is probably at the other end of the string.

Try this:
When the yoyo spins, touch your nail on the yoyo body, if the yoyo suddenly spins smoothly after touching then it’s your throw (practice more and it’ll get better).
If after touching the spinning yoyo with your nail it still wobbles, then you probably cross threaded the yoyo (broken), unlikely though.

no the wobble is not a big wobble but it did not happen on my other bearing the main problem is the grinding noise

Do you have other yoyos to compare? (I mean swap the bearing and see what’s what).
Is it responsive or pulling the string when tug up? (even if it doesn’t roll up/bind), if yes it’s dirty.
DV888 is one of the few metals that somewhat amplify bearing sound, I used to own two of them.
Try cleaning the bearing first then post again. Loud sound should be okay as long as it sounds “clean”. Thing is, there is a chance that my definition of clean might be gritty for you.

I was thinking the bearing could need cleaning from what I have read but since this is a new bearing I did not think it would need cleaning

Sometimes new bearings require cleaning, for some reason. Maybe it wasn’t handled properly/got dirty since they are made in bulk.

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ok I will give it a clean and see if that works thanks