Help with grinding! Is my yo-yo too responsive?


So I just got a DV888. I love it. But the only thing so far is that when I try to finger grind, I pop up the yo-yo and let it grind for a second (on my throw hand usually), but then it just grabs the string and smacks into my hand without a bind or anything. Not only does it ruin my grind, but it’s annoying in general. I just got this yo-yo. Does it just need to be broken in because it has a lot of factory lube in it, or what? Thanks in advance.


It’s just too responsive in general… Ugh.


I think you might have put to much lube in the bearing. Try cleaning it. Was is unresponsive out of the box?


Cleaning the bearing should help with having less response. And you can’t have any slack when you do your grind, that’s how responsive yoyos work(tug makes slack, yoyo catches slack)


I think it’s because the bearing isn’t sitting in the well correctly. It spins, then stops suddenly and makes a noise when I spin it with my finger (when the yo-yo is apart).


I just added some lube, and that seems to have helped.


Its snapping back because you’re letting the string dangle lazily on/under/beside the yoyo. Keep a little tension on it(aka be smoother)and it won’t come back and bite you. Try it from a trapeze, or swinging it up instead of popping.


Adding lube won’t make it any less responsive. My suggestion is just clean out the bearing and add a pin drop of lube


It probably needs cleaning, but lube can help get stuck parts moving, which is what it sounds like happened.

Regardless of whether the lube seems to have helped or not, my pedantry would have me clean the bearing and re-lube it. I’m just that annoying. Haha!


Edit: I have found that in at least one of my bearings that does this, the bearing is very loose overall and only vibrates on a hard flick. I can get it to spin fast without flicking it and it spins without a problem, so I have proven myself wrong in at least one instance. Stay with your bearing OP, you’ll most like only need to keep playing it and it will sort itself out. If the problem persists for an extended period of time, then you can conclude that it is something that is more difficult to fix and is probably not worth your time.

No this is the problem. There are sometimes bearings that do this and I made a thread a while back in the Mods section about it. It seems they cannot spin well past a certain RPM and thus, will vibrate violently and slow down quickly until it is back under that threshold. I do not know what causes this, but it does seem like a manufacturing issue because in my experience, any kind of lube or cleaning will not fix it, therefore it’s likely cause by a defect with the sphericalness(?) of the balls or general circularity of either race. Another possible factor is the precision of the crown that holds the balls in place. Whatever it may be, your quickest and easiest solution would probably be to purchase a new bearing and making sure it spins well at all speeds. If you do find a solution, however, please let me know and what steps you took to achieve it.