Bearing trouble

i just recently bought a 10 ball bearing for my new throw and it was working great for about a half hour untill all of the sudden it got really loud and only spun for about half as long or less then what it usually spins for. i unskrewed the yoyo and when i held one half in my hand and spun the bearing it was really wobbly and unstable. i have no idea what happened and could use all the help i could get

The spin time went down?


Ten ball bearings normally get loud.

Try cleaning it?

Do you know how to clean it?

If not check this out:,871.0.html

Be careful when you do this.


I’d say clean it.

Also check your string and make sure it’s not “fuzzy”. And make sure its on the bearing correctly.

If you just bought it, it will get louder. You need to break it in.