Breaking in

Hey guys, I just got a yoyofactory dv888 about a week ago and the bearing makes this weird noise and the yoyo almost becomes responsive. This happened to my friends too with there G5 and Chaotic but it went away in a week. Is this a normal thing just because I need to break it in?

I had this happen recently to my NStars bearing and so i cleaned the bearing and it’s totally fine now. So I would suggest cleaning the bearing

OK, I’ll keep that in mind but I think I’ll just wait a week or so to when it started happening and see if it stops cuz my friends did that and both of their yoyos went back to normal.

It’s just part of the normal breaking in process. Just keep throwing it a lot.

Well first, you want to be prepared. Black clothing, an escape route, etc. KNOW YOUR WAY OUT.

But really, you’re better off just cleaning the bearing. Paint thinner + a couple of shakes of the jar. leave the bearing on paper towel for a minute or two, then put it back in the yoyo and give it a good 15 minutes of play.

You might have to lube the bearing, but do so every so sparingly.

Give it a few strong sleepers or spin the bearing on a pencil. No need to waste solvents on a few string bits in the bearing.