broken bearings

alright i have a cursed smacked right on me by my superstar (and other yoyos.) Everytime i throw a yoyo with a fine working bearing, after about a day and a half the bearing gets very noisy and the yoyo becomes responsive because their is dirt in the bearing. This occured with my YYF Superstar and even with an Axiom i borrowed, and a Hayabusa. I bought a new bearing for the Superstar and the same thing happened. I am not throwing it over dirt or anything like that! Am I doing anything wrong??? ???

It might just be breaking in, but it should get less responsive. Do you have the shields on?

try cleaning your bearings :wink:

Is it dirt? Are you sure it is dirt, or is it just random stuff? Are your bearing shields in? What response, and is there anything flaking off in your yoyo?

Probably ur strings. Change your strings, clean your bearing and see what happens! ;D Also, wash your hands before yo’ing, don’t know what kind of dirt might be on them ;D Also, does it turn noisy once you whack something?

Try this:

facepalm Clean the bearings.

But he keeps getting dirt.

Then clean it again.

Or shield it.

Try to clean your bering or lube your bearing to make your yyo unresponsive.

Happy Throwing! ==]