YYJ speed bearing is messed up

Hey, so I was playing with my atmosphere the other day and it was playing fine, unresponsive you know awesome. I got a knot so I took it apart and unknotted it and then put it back together. on the throw after that, my yoyo just starts making a terrible noise, like really loud rattling sound. It made a sound similar to that before but not nearly as loud. then when I took it apart and spun the bearing it was really messed up didn’t spin freely at all and I felt grinding going on with the beads. I cleaned it a weeks or so ago and lubed it using the instructions on the forum here, so what happened?

btw I tried cleaning it, that didn’t help

It sounds like you got something in the bearing, possibly a piece of lint from the string. Clean the bearing, soaking it for longer than you have previously done, then put the bearing on the end of a pencil and blow it out with compressed air or a computer air duster. I like to blow it at an angle so it makes the bearing spin and push anything out of it.

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Ok i’ll try that, thankfully I have a spare bearing so i can still play

Or if you just got it, the bearings probably breaking in. I would just continue to play with it.

My berings don’t usually slow down to much when they break in

True… lawlz.

No I wasn’t breaking it in, it was fine and then it stopped being fine lol

I don’t know how or why, but its working fine now haha, I didn’t do anything to it, maybe it wasn’t dry enough after i cleaned it and leaving it out for a day let it dry idk.