DMII YYJ Speed Bearing problems

     I got the DMII maybe 1-2 weeks ago and right away i noticed that the speed bearing that came with in was off track (if you shook the bearing you could hear it inside and throwing the yoyo made a ratting noise) Also, the bearing doesn't seem to fit snugly inside the groove around the axel; if you were to tug on the string while it was unbound, you can feel/ hear the bearing moving a little.

I’ve read how to fix the off track balls inside the bearing but I’m not entirely clear on how to properly fix that, and is there (if any) a solution to fixing the bearing seating inside the yoyo?

  1. The bearing does not fit snugly on the seat. That is not an issue, it’s not supposed to.

  2. The rattling noise is normal for these bearings. A clean dry bearing does that. Apply a small bit of lube and it will go away.

It all sounds perfectly normal to me.


Thanks for the reply! I could of sword the ball bearing isn’t supposed to be ratting. Aren’t the balls supposed to be fitted into slots?


The balls fit in a cage that rotates inside the inner and outer race. They are relatively loose in the cage. A clean, un-lubed bearing will rattle. As I noted above, a very small amount of lube will eliminate that feature.

BTW - the clean, dry (noisy) bearing is what makes a speed bearing a speed bearing. :wink:


Ok, now my it’s starting to rattle louder and louder, which I assume is because i need to clean it; but I don’t access to the stuff I need to properly clean it. And considering I just got it last week or so, is this supposed to happen?


charcoal lighter is avalable at your local drugstore, 7 eleven, hardware store, safeway (grocery), walmart, target, kmart, walgreens, cvs pharmacy, heck you might even already have it! works great.


i also recommened you add ONE drop of lube in the bearing. thin lube. money finger gorrilus lubricus, yoyofactory, yoyojam, or v4m all work. also trumpet valve oil sorta works (for me at least. seems to work better for others.)


Mineral spirits or lighter fluid (zippo) to clean the bearing. Fishing reel or gun lube will work for lube. Super lube synthetic oil, available at the hardware store or Radio Shack, is good too. In lieu of that sewing machine oil will do nicely. All lubes should be used very sparingly.

It’s making more noise as the lube that was there depletes. A noisy bearing is a dry bearing.


Does the lube really wear off that quickly? I would have thought it would have lasted longer seeing as right now I can’t go get any of the proper supplies I need to effectively clean/ lubricate it


The lube that’s there is probably fine. I’d just go ahead and play it as it is. It’s still pretty new and the bearing is breaking in. Unless it’s not spinning well at all there’s really no point in messing with it.