Ok yet another stinken question bout my dv888

Right so I have had this thing for two days lol thats why I have so many questions. Anyway my questions are one. during the bearing breaking in process can this cause the yo to become slightly responsive? out of the box i could hop this thing up on my finger and it would sit there and spin for awhile. Now the string almost always becomes tangle and it painfully smacks my knuckles ect. because it binds back. Is that because of the bearing breaking in or what? I have also tried multiple string changes so I know its not that. And secondly spin times seem to be slightly lower than when it was out of the box and its louder again is this the bearing? My Dark Magic acted like this for awhile but I was just curious because this is a new and much more exspensive yo. Thanks alot to all that answer my Constant stream of questions.

No, but your bearing isn’t breaking in, it’s dry. Put a small drop of thin lube inside the bearing, and you should be okay.

Yea, SPECs come dry so if you want it quieter add a needle drop of thin lube (this could also slow down your bearing but increase the life time). For the string problem it could be your string tension. When it gets off by a lot it will tangle, build up, wrap around your bearing, and make the yoyo snap back at you. Try adjusting the string tension back to neutral more often.

If it’s responsive and really bad, like a drastic dip in spin time, then take of the shields. I don’t know why. I took them out of my genesis, and the bearing started going normally again. Might have been just me.