bearing responsive now???

so i know I’v seen problems like this before. i was using my dv888 then all the sudden its super responsive what can i do to fix this??? I want it back unresponsive

You need to deshield the bearing, clean it, and then decide if you want to lube it or not. Bearings get dirty sometimes and need cleaned.

How long have you had it?

Check the response and make sure it isn’t touching the bearing, and that there is nothing in the bearing seat.

Make certain the string is around the bearing and didn’t slip in between the bearing and bearing seat.

That should pretty well cover it.

well i’v had it for about a month, but i think im keeping it dry i don’t mind lube or not. but thankyou for everything

I agree about de-shielding and cleaning the bearing. The only thing I suggest is a tiny bit of lube. Just a really tiny bit.