Dv888 responsive

i have not lubed in weeks. just cleaned it last week. didnt lube after cleaning. every time i jerk it it comes right back.heck, i can easily bind from trapeze! halp pleaze!

Clean the bearing
Clean the bearing seat
Make sure your response is good (as in flush or recessed [if you even use silicone o.O])

If it’s still responsive then it might be the bearing. Try a different one to find out. If it’s not the bearing then the bearing seat is probably bent or damaged in some way

If it really is just the bearing then odds are there’s no saving it. Best bet is to get a good replacement bearing.

After you’ve cleaned and tested the bearing if it’s unresponsive then go ahead and drop a lil lube on there.

the bearing is… grindy? can i put it that way?feels like your taking to jagged pieces of metal and putting them together and rubbing

Same thing happened to my Dv888 but I don’t know what’s wrong it sounds like the same problem…

Hmmm, who’d a thunk it. :wink:

Sounds like it’s toast.