How To Paint A YoYo: A Special Vlog UPDATED With Final Pics


can you spot the water drop from the oncoming rain in the first pic?

Truly awesome. I’ve always wanted to know how you do it so good! ;D

Thanks Brett! You really break it down for us. Sticky it is.

And a very special P2 that was inspired by a Apple wallpaper. :slight_smile:

Did you manage to mix in the colors while airbrushing to make it seem like its color changing?
You win. :slight_smile:

Was that a metal yoyo? SOrry to ask but the sound on my comp is broke

It’s a Peak.

oh, this would be a cool thing to do to a plastic yoyo. I find that when you dye plastic ones it looks almost like you drew on it with sharpie

For plastic yoyos, wouldnt vinyl dyes be a better choice?
Guaranteed even coat and no chance of running paint.

Nice video ibanezcollector that was really helpful. Keep the good work!

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Dyeing is usually a better choice for plastic yo-yos, but it does have some downsides. You can’t do all the effects with dye that you can do with paint.

Is it a must to actually paint it white first before starting?
How would it differ if you were to paint it directly without the white layer?

florescent paints wont be so bright. White brings out the natural color and true color of the color your using

if say the yoyo was brown and I painted it florescent green with out the white, it would be a very dull green color versus the retina blasting color it is.

where have all the pictures gone?

dont know :confused:

I changed servers and didnt even know this was stickied :slight_smile:

What kind of paint do you use?

what paint do you use

Will the paint come of when you ding it or something.