Kind of paint for a plastic yoyo?

Here is the thing:
I think my ONE and my WHIP look a bit boring, and I would like to paint the rim (only the rim) but I don’t know which kind of paint I should use.
I’m scared that certain kind of paint could melt the plastic, while other kind of paint would not stick well.

What kind of paint is good for a plastic yoyo?
What colors would you suggest to mix (My ONE is lime and my WHIP is a delightfyl light blue)?
You think this would affect my yoyo in a negative way?

Thanx in advance for the help :slight_smile:

Here is a topic from another fourm of a guy painting his FHZ:,53472.0/topicseen.html

That is going to be helpful! thanx a lot sir :smiley:

Only drawback with that tutorial is that the yoyos are clear and the ones I want to modify are not hehe :stuck_out_tongue: but it certainly served as a starting point.

I think it’s the same kind of plastic though. I could be wrong. But since you’ve only got “exposed surfaces” on the WHIP, chips and touch-ups will be a way of life.

Most any acrylic or enamel based paint will be fine. Do not use lacquer. That will probably harm the plastic. I know a guy who uses enamel based car paint, then puts a coat of clear coat over it for protection. Seems to work ok.

I gues syou’re right Studio42 hehe.
As long as sthe paint does not wear off too soon with the common use I’m ok.

I think i’¿ve seen acrylic paints at a store that sells school materials. I’ll see if I can buy one soon and try it hehe :slight_smile:

Thanx again for the help

The thing about using acrylics is it becomes a plasic sort of surface and will peel away while throwing the only reason this diesn’t happen with the FHZ mod is because it’s clear and he’s painting the inside and then putting the cap back on preventing the paint from chip, peeling, or ovtainibg any sort of damage.
Hope this helps a bit. Also if you’re painting the outside of the you see if you can pic up some clear acrylic that would boost the chance of it work a lot!

Thank you very much Ian.
I thinkthe acrylic paint is cheal, maybe 2-3 dollars. I might buy a bottle just totest it on some other plastic.
I might buy a little can of latex paint to perform the same experiment. I have some plastic things laying around that I don’t mind if they break or melt hehe.
Maybe I’ll buy spray paint too.

As for now, I’ll keep the painting job on hold even if I buy the paints because I want to make sure the different paints, I think it would be a good idea to let the paint rest for a few months and see their behaviour.

If you go with spray paint make sure it is enamel, not lacquer, which will soften the plastic.

Didin’t know that!!
Thanx a lot man :smiley: