A question about paint?

If I were to paint a yoyo, would it be ok for me to just use a couple layers of spray paint or do I have to use a special kind of paint sprayer?

I hear that the rattle can stuff isn’t the best stuff to use. It’s best to have the proper tools to do it right.

Regardless, I’m sure you’d want to prime your items to be painted to ensure the best adhesion of the paint as possible.

BTW i’m talking about paiinting a plastic. My metals already have cool anno jobs. ;D

They make primer paint that is intended for use with plastics.

What plastics?
If you’re doing like a fhz, you can use pretty much any paint.

Or you can always dye plastic also. which I think is better than painting, but that’s just me.

I had a little paining project recently and the paints that came with the kit(it wasn’t a yoyo project), the paints wouldn’t stick. My kid ended up going through a whole container of paint and not getting a bit to stick on the stupid item.

I bought some plastic primer paint, hit the objects up, no more problem. Paint stuck to the object.

Plus, with the primer, you can cover up the base plastic unless you want the plastic to affect your end results. You know how sometimes auto painters layer different colors to produce different effects, it’s the same idea.

I use Acrylic Paints and then coat the with Glossy Polyurethane. Works well for me.