Is there any way I could paint a my plastic yoyo?

I think my plastic yoyo looks so dull without color, It’s just white and I want a different color. Does any one know how to paint a plastic yoyo?

Depends what kind of plastic. What yoyo is it?

It is the Yomega ooch (not smooth move)

Now, I’m no paint expert, but I do not believe there is a way to “paint” that injection molded plastic without it being really rough. I’ve tried on a friend’s ONE and the paint just comes off. It didn’t even dry. If you had Delrin though…

if it has a smooth surface, you can use some duplicolor adhesion promoter as a primer, then use either krylon fusion or rustoleum paint for plastic as the color, then after the paint cures, finish off with a few coats of either krylon clear coat or duplicolor acrylic lacquer. that works for regular plastic.

hope this helps!


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In addition to the duplicolor adhesion promoter, you might also want to give the surface a light sanding with 200 or 300 grit sandpaper. that will give the paint something to hang on to as well.

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