How To Paint A Plastic Yoyo?

Im wondering how to paint yoyos such as a journey or a lyn fury, i want to have a paint job similar to ones that clyw’s have but for the lyn and journey, is this possible? Please post pictures if possible or and explain. Thanks!

I don’t think paint will stick on celcon.

It might if you sand it off a bit, but probably still iffy.

People have painted the exterior of plastic yoyos with some success. Most I know of use automotive type paints and use a clear coat to protect the paint job.

In actuality, if you want to paint plastic yoyos you will generally have better luck with clear yoyos, painting them on the inside of the shell. Acrylics seem to work best in this case.

Ive painted plastics, I just splash paint on…I have only painted one metal

Here’s a FH2 I painted for a friend, not sure this is appropriate though lol.

[b]Pic removed. You are right. Not appropriate.


you could try putting a sweet sharpie design on it

CLYWs are anodized, not painted. Anodizing makes the surface of metal less prone to scratches because it is hard, and it’s very thin and looks good.

Here is a good page for dyeing a yoyo,2077.0.html. You could try dyeing it and then re-dyeing it with a mask over it to get a design you wanted. I don’t know how this would work because I’ve never tried it but it might. The Lyn Fury is celcon so the video isn’t going to work for it but on the first page there are intstructions to dyeing celcon. I don’t know what the Journey is made out of though. I hope this helped