Double Nut method to Remove an Axle

Often times, it is difficult to remove an axle from a yoyo. Some people say to use a pliers, maybe putting tape on the axle to prevent wrecking the threads. Here’s a safer method.

Try the “double nut” method. You thread on two nuts, tighten them to each other, then just put a wrench on the lower one. This is done by holding the upper nut in place while tightening the lower nut to it. With the nuts locked apply force to the lower nut in the correct direction to loosen.

This comes up enough that it deserves a topic. It has been added to the How to Do Stuff sticky.


What a fantastic tip. Thanks!

Are you a wizard?

I wish this worked for me, My axle is extremely short and the plier/wrench would twist both at once =/

Well what you need are slimmer line nuts. And thinner wrench’s. I have this stuff laying around. but normally the nuts are cheap and right next to the thicker ones. the wrenches are either going to be hub wrench’s for bikes or cheap ones that come with furniture.

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Adding Mo’s video in case the explanations given above are not clear enough…


DUDE! That’s just two nutty!


Jam nut status.

Good stuff.

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Owwww boy… So the axle got stuck inside the yoyo with the hexagon side inside:

Thanks to this forums and the Double nut method I could remove it:

Of course, before reading good information I tryed everything almost damaging the axle, so I strongly suggest that you do it differently from me and read the forums first!!!