What Can I Use To Lube My Yoyo


Don’t have any yoyo lube laying around, try this…

  • Gun lube, fishing reel lube, instrument oil, 3-in-1 all work fine if you don’t have any yoyo lube.
  • YYJ thin lube will not make it more responsive. YYJ thick or yomega brain lube will.
  • fishing reel and gun lube tend to be more like YYJ thin in how they work.

Note that you can use YYJ thick or yomega brain lube and still have an unresponsive yoyo if done correctly.

You can get the same thing as yomega brain lube at Radio Shack or the hardware store: It’s a synthetic, teflon based lube Made by Synco, sold under the Radio Shack Label. Sold under their own label it’s known as Synco Super Lube. Yomega sells the same product under their own label.


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I use an aerosol gun lube in my bearings with great results. Most gun oil and reel lube tend to he very thin lubricants and work great for keeping a unresponsive bearing happy and playing well.


Just buy yoyo lube


I’ve used some remington gun oil and recently been using sewing machine oil. Would that be more along the lines of thin or thick?


The sewing machine oil is thick imo. As for the gunoil the aerosol stuff (rem-oil) is really thin and doesn’t make the bearing responsive if you don’t use too much. Regular gun oil is pretty thick usually.


Yeah I thought the sewing oil seemed pretty thick as well just wanted to double check


Yes, sewing machine oil is basically 3-in-1 oil.