Faulty bearing?

I purchased the wEDGE yoyo yesterday, and out of the box it performed very well. About four hours of practice later, a loud high-pitched grating sound appeared. When I held the bearing it felt like there was something stopping the bearing from rotating. Around this time, the yoyo became slightly responsive. I took the bearing and removed the shield, it still played the same. I applied lube and cleaned it, but with no results.the bearing doesn’t spin for more than tree second.
I am not sure if my bearing is defective or I am doing something wrong.
I would appreciate help.


Make sure you’re using thin lube after cleaning and when I say you don’t need even a full drop, use even less than what you think that means. I actually experimented with running dry once after cleaning and had great results. Bearings are cheap. Wasting time cleaning and then lubing and having the yoyo still be responsive is mentally expensive.


This happens a lot with new yoyos. I have gotten into the habit of putting a drop of thin lube in the bearing as soon as I get a new yoyo. There are a lot of varieties of thin lube available on this site, definitely get one as soon as you can.

Also, as has been stated already, too much thin lube can make the yoyo responsive, but usually after playing with it a bit it will go back to normal.

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Thanks for your reply, I will probably just bulk buy a few bearings. I am new to yoyo and I appreciate your help.


Yes make sure you use less lube than you think and only lube after you clean it. Also after you either lube or clean it, try just playing on it for a while and the bearing should get faster over time. It is never an instant fix you need to play on it for about 20 to 30 minutes to see the yoyo playing better. I recommend you just keep cleaning until it starts spinning better. However, if it is still really bad might have to get a new one. Depending on what you get they range from 10 to 20 $ on yoyoexpert


Is it possible to DIY thin lube? I have friends who use a mixture of a spirit with oil. Is this effective?

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I’m sure it’s possible, but I have never tried. Check out this thread:

Thanks for that thread, I’ll try that.

Here’s a video on DIY thin lube: https://youtu.be/zriKLNAnb9k

For what it’s worth, I run my bearings dry and very rarely have any issues. Have never cleaned any either. Just have a few extras on hand for when one dies.

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99.99% of bearing issues are lube issues. Either too much or not enough, depending on your perspective.

This has happened to 2 of my YoYoFactory yo-yos… one of them just stopped working and the other one still spins but not for near as long as it did before. It’s getting really annoying.

Try cleaning and lightly lubing the bearing several times with a test after each to see if you can work whatever was stuck in the bearing free. Sometimes particles can find their way into a bearing race and are annoying to get out.

If the bearing still has trouble spinning freely after a couple of cleanings, then you probably have a partially seized or dead bearing.